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Saturday Night With Friends

Reviewed by JasonDickson1976 | 28th January 2017

This place has just opened in Downend and is the sister to the award winning Gloucester Old Spot in Horfield. Downend has several established restaurants and they are always all super busy, so this is a calculated risk on the part of the owners. Anyway, as a review I would say that the Duck & Willow has quickly elevated itself above its competitors in the area, they were absolutely packed for our first visit. The service was exceptional and the food was even better than expected. We had a shared platter for a starter which was great and most of use when with the burgers for mains. The starters I thought may not be big enough as they are sharing platters, which there was more than enough and the food was great, as far as the burgers went they were great to and the children enjoyed their kids meals two. All in all the food was great, the service got a £20 tip and we will be returning again.