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  • The Old SpotThe Duck staff Christmas partyfully in flo These
  • Start your week the right waybreakfast served 91130am and includes
  • Happy New Yearweve had a fabulous evening at The Duck
  • We are open until 1am this evening and the bar
  • A massive thank you to lovettpies for helping to save
  • In an effort to reduce plastic pollution we have stopped
  • Weve only got a few tables left for New Years
  • Fancy breakfast this Christmas Eve? We dont normally serve breakfast
  • Weve got a New Years treat for youDine with us

Family Meal on Saturday Evening

Reviewed by DVC2010 | 29th April 2017
Firstly, make sure you book a table because it gets packed around 7pm – I’m not suprised! The service was very fast and we didn’t have to wait to get our order in. There are good options for children and vegetarians. The food came quickly and it was lovely. My mum and Grandma said the cherry and pecan tiramisu was the best pudding for a long time! The atmosphere was good and the pub was easy to find. The garden had easy access for wheelchair users. The lighting inside was retro and quircky. Their other pub is great too!