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Great Local Pub, Cater For Gluten Free!

Reviewed by KiriF146 | 14th Aug 2017
My partner has lived down the road for about 4 years and is Coeliac, so being your typical man, sticks to what he knows! Bring on the newish girlfriend who badgers to try new places as menus are ever changing and people get on board with the spectrum of dietary requirements and he was not disappointed!
I’d checked the menu online before hand and was pleasantly surprised to see a separate gluten free menu – tick one! We rocked up yesterday evening (Sunday) and were presented with the roast menu. Panic on his face as he starts thinking he’d have to have some boring concoction…..nope!
The really lovely lady who sat us assured him that he could have anything from the roast menu, he just wouldn’t get a yorkshire pudding. She left to get drinks and he’s panicking again as usually gravy has gluten in. When she returns she says she forgot they have gluten free bread so he could have the starters too.
He queries the gravy, and with a real self assured, knowing look, she put him back in his box!
When the food came out, it looked great, and once we tucked in, found it tasted great too. The pork belly fell apart, and the gravy was delish! I thoroughly enjoyed my yorkshire pudding too! – tick two!
The third and final tick in the box was the value for money. Around £13 for the pork belly roast as a main dish, but you could have had a starter & roast main for £17!
The staff were also really lovely without a single eye roll for the dietary requirements.
We’ll definitely be back as my partner wants to give their gluten free burger a bash.